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Angela Stevens

Angela Stevens discovered yoga in the 1960's at a time of personal need. It is an old saying that
"When the pupil is ready - the teacher appears."

Her need was mainly physical, having had from birth a very marked scoliosis or curvature of the spine making most forms of exercise or sport prohibitive.

On discovering Hatha Yoga her problems were solved and she was so inspired by her own experience that she was fired with enthusiasm to pass this on to others.

Angela has been teaching since 1972 mainly in South East England - starting with general classes for new and intermediate students, over the years developing into areas of special need and she now specialises in Yoga for Asthma, Back Problems and ME/Chronic Fatigue as well as running classes for people with limited physical ability, e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, severe Arthritis, Epilepsy, rehabilitation after a stroke etc.

Audio Yoga Tapes

Angela has also created a series of guided yoga CDs with titles suitable for beginners and for people with some experience of yoga.

Angela holds the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma and is available for day courses and in-service training days.

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