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Audio Yoga Series

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This professionally-produced Audio Yoga Series is ideal if you wish to practice yoga at home with the benefit of an experienced yoga tutor to guide you through the postures and breathing exercises. Some of the CDs are suitable for complete beginners, while others are aimed at people with some experience of yoga.

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The CDs cost £13.00 each including post and packing. Click on the 'Buy Now' button to order via PayPal.

 UK customers who opt to pay by cheque can pay the reduced price of £11.00 per CD.

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Angela Stevens
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tel: 01892 782865


The list below offers a brief summary of each recording.

Audio Yoga 1Buy Audio Yoga 1

1: The Rishikesh Sequence

This includes a series of nine yoga postures and Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique.

Audio Yoga 2Buy Audio Yoga 2

2: Yoga the Gentle Way

This is designed to be used by people with ME / Chronic Fatigue and is also suitable for anyone wanting to work extremely gently.
No experience of yoga necessary.This tape is suitable for people with ME/CFS or FM

Audio Yoga 3Buy Audio Yoga 3

3: A Path to Meditation

This is useful to anyone interested in meditation.

Audio Yoga 4Buy Audio Yoga 4

4: Breathe to Live

This is designed to help anyone whose breathing needs attention and improvement.This tape is suitable for people with ME/CFS or FM

Audio Yoga 5Buy Audio Yoga 5

5: Back to Health

Help Yourself to a Healthy Back

This is designed for people with back problems

Audio Yoga 6Buy Audio Yoga 6

6: Energise & Relax
With Yoga

This can be practised in bed or on the floor or if energy levels are extremely low.This tape is suitable for people with ME/CFS or FM



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